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Conophytum angelicae

Scientific Name:

Conophytum angelicae

Common name:










South Africa, Namibia

Hardiness Zone:

ABout the PLant

The Conophytum angelicae succulent is a small, rare species of succulent native to the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. It is one of the smallest species in the genus Conophytum, and is distinguished by its unique shape and coloration. This plant grows up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) tall and has an elongated, cylindrical body with a pointed tip. Its leaves are thick and fleshy, typically ranging from light green to yellow-green in color. The flowers are small and white, with five petals each. The Conophytum angelicae requires very little care; it prefers bright light but can tolerate partial shade, as well as regular watering during the summer months. It does not require much fertilizer or soil amendments, though occasional feeding with a balanced fertilizer will help promote healthy growth. The origin of this species is unknown; however, it was first described in 1841 by German botanist Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach in his book "Icones Plantarum Succulentarum". Since then, it has become increasingly popular among succulent enthusiasts due to its unique appearance and low maintenance requirements. Overall, the Conophytum angelicae is an attractive addition to any collection of succulents due to its unusual shape and vibrant colors. With proper care and attention, this plant can thrive for many years in any home or garden setting!
The Conophytum angelicae succulent requires bright indirect light for most of the day, with some direct light in the morning and late afternoon. This succulent does not need much light, so medium or low light is also acceptable.
The ideal soil for the Conophytum angelicae succulent is a well-draining, sandy mix. The soil should be composed of equal parts coarse sand and potting soil or cactus mix. This will provide the succulent with adequate drainage and aeration, while still retaining enough moisture to keep it healthy. Additionally, adding some perlite or pumice can help improve drainage even further.
The Conophytum angelicae succulent requires a moderate watering schedule. Water thoroughly when the soil is dry to the touch, then allow it to dry out completely before watering again. During its active growth period, water more frequently but still allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. During its dormant period, reduce watering frequency and make sure that the soil has dried out completely before watering again.
The ideal humidity conditions for the Conophytum angelicae succulent are around 40-50%. This is slightly lower than the average room humidity, so you may need to use a humidifier or mist the plant regularly. The key is to maintain consistent levels of humidity, as too much or too little can be detrimental to your succulent's health.