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Crassula (Buddha's Temple)

Scientific Name:

Crassula (Buddha's Temple)

Common name:






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South Africa

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ABout the PLant

The Crassula (Buddha's Temple) succulent is a stunning and unique species of succulent that originates from South Africa. It is known for its striking resemblance to a temple, hence the name. This plant has an upright growth habit with stems that are stacked on top of each other in tiers, giving it the appearance of a pagoda or temple. The leaves of this succulent are thick and fleshy, ranging in color from light green to dark green. They are oval-shaped and have pointed tips. The edges of the leaves are slightly serrated, giving them a jagged look. The leaves grow in pairs along the stem and can reach up to 3 inches long when mature. In late spring or early summer, the Crassula (Buddha's Temple) succulent produces small white flowers that have five petals each. These flowers will bloom for several weeks before fading away. When it comes to care requirements, this succulent is relatively easy to maintain as long as it receives enough sunlight and water. It prefers bright indirect light but can tolerate some direct sun if necessary. Water should be given sparingly throughout the year but more frequently during the warmer months when it is actively growing. During winter months, water should be reduced significantly to prevent root rot from occurring due to over-watering. The Crassula (Buddha's Temple) succulent has been around for centuries and was first discovered by Dutch botanist Jan Frederik Gronovius in 1760 during his travels through South Africa. Since then, it has become popular among gardeners all over the world for its unique shape and vibrant colors!
The Crassula (Buddha's Temple) succulent is a sun-loving plant, so it should be placed in an area with direct light for most of the day. Bright indirect light is also suitable, but avoid placing it in low light or medium light areas as this can cause the leaves to become pale and limp.
The Crassula (Buddha's Temple) succulent requires well-draining soil that is slightly acidic. A good mix for this plant would be a combination of potting soil, perlite, and coarse sand. The soil should also be kept slightly moist but not overly wet. It is important to ensure the soil does not become soggy as this can lead to root rot.
The Crassula (Buddha's Temple) succulent is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal watering. It should be watered every two to three weeks, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings. When watering, make sure to saturate the soil and then let it drain away any excess moisture. This will help prevent root rot and other issues associated with overwatering.
The ideal humidity conditions for the Crassula (Buddha's Temple) succulent is around 40-50%. This is slightly higher than what most other succulents prefer, so it's important to make sure your environment isn't too dry. You can also mist the leaves occasionally to help increase the humidity.