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Echeveria (Cubic Frost)

Scientific Name:

Echeveria (Cubic Frost)

Common name:











Hardiness Zone:



ABout the PLant

The Echeveria (Cubic Frost) succulent is a unique and beautiful plant native to Mexico. It has an unusual cube-like shape, with rosettes of fleshy leaves that are pale green in color with white edges. The leaves are thick and firm, giving the plant a frosted appearance. This succulent can reach up to 6 inches in height and 8 inches in width, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its flowers are star-shaped and yellow or orange in color, appearing during the summer months. Echeveria (Cubic Frost) is easy to care for, requiring only moderate watering once every two weeks during the summer months and even less during the winter months. They thrive best when planted in well-draining soil with plenty of sunlight but can also tolerate partial shade. This succulent is also quite hardy, able to survive temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit without damage. The origin of this particular species of Echeveria is unknown; however, it is believed to have been bred from several other species within the genus by horticulturists looking for an interesting addition to their gardens. Overall, Echeveria (Cubic Frost) makes an excellent choice for anyone looking for a unique succulent that requires minimal care yet adds a lot of visual interest to any garden or home interior space!
The Echeveria (Cubic Frost) succulent requires bright indirect light for most of the day, with some direct sunlight in the morning or late afternoon. It can tolerate medium light levels, but it's best to avoid low light conditions.
The ideal soil for an Echeveria (Cubic Frost) succulent is well-draining, sandy soil with a neutral pH. The soil should also contain organic matter like peat moss or compost to help retain moisture. It's important to make sure the soil is not too compacted and has good air circulation so that the roots can breathe. Lastly, make sure you don't overwater your succulent as it prefers drier conditions.
The Echeveria (Cubic Frost) succulent requires a well-draining soil and should be watered thoroughly when the soil is dry to the touch. Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings, as overwatering can cause root rot. Water your Echeveria once every two weeks during the growing season and once a month during the winter months.
The ideal humidity conditions for the Echeveria (Cubic Frost) succulent are low to moderate. It prefers a dry climate and does not need high levels of humidity to thrive. If you can keep the air around it slightly moist, that should be enough to keep your succulent healthy and happy.