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Euphorbia cylindrifolia

Scientific Name:

Euphorbia cylindrifolia

Common name:











Hardiness Zone:



ABout the PLant

Euphorbia cylindrifolia is a succulent native to South Africa. It has a unique, cylindrical shape that makes it stand out from other succulents. The stems of this plant can grow up to three feet tall and have ridges along their length. The leaves are small and grey-green in color, with a waxy texture. They are arranged in pairs around the stem, creating an interesting pattern. The flowers of Euphorbia cylindrifolia are yellow-green in color and have five petals each. They bloom during the summer months and attract bees and other pollinators. This succulent is relatively easy to care for as long as it is given enough light and water. It should be watered regularly but not over-watered, as this can cause root rot or fungal diseases. It also needs well-draining soil that contains plenty of organic matter. If kept in bright indirect sunlight, it will thrive indoors or outdoors in warm climates. Euphorbia cylindrifolia has been used medicinally by the indigenous people of South Africa for centuries to treat skin ailments such as rashes and boils. Its medicinal properties have made it popular among herbalists around the world today. Overall, Euphorbia cylindrifolia is an attractive succulent with a unique shape and vibrant flowers that make it a great addition to any garden or home decorating scheme!
The Euphorbia cylindrifolia succulent requires bright indirect light. It can tolerate direct sunlight for short periods of time, but should be kept out of the sun's rays during the hottest part of the day. This succulent also does well in medium light, and can even survive in low light conditions.
Euphorbia cylindrifolia succulents prefer well-draining soil that is slightly acidic. The ideal soil should be light and airy, such as a cactus mix or a combination of equal parts potting soil, coarse sand, and perlite. This succulent also needs plenty of sunlight and regular watering during the summer months.
The Euphorbia cylindrifolia succulent is a low-maintenance plant that prefers infrequent watering. It should be watered only when the soil is completely dry, and then it should be given a thorough soaking. Make sure to avoid overwatering, as this can lead to root rot.
The ideal humidity conditions for the Euphorbia cylindrifolia succulent are between 40-50%. This means that the air should not be too dry or too humid. If you can maintain this level of humidity, your succulent will thrive!